Waste Management - Cropped.png

We provide waste management support for various clients via staff augmentation.

Our Waste Management Transportation Specialists:

  • identify packaging appropriate for the waste type and physical form.

  • develop transportation and route plans.

  • determine and authorize the re-use of containers per CFR, Transportation.

  • provide waste container certification.

  • obtain back-up information for each container on the load list to reference during shipment preparation.

  • determine the DOT Basic Description.

  • prepare shipping papers.

  • determine the marking and labeling for waste packages.

  • provide shipping notification to destination facility and other groups as needed.

  • obtain peer reviews of shipping papers for all shipments.

  • coordinate container inspection and loading.

  • obtain inbound truck transportation surveys.

  • coordinate with Security and Radiation Protection to complete shipment preparations on the day of shipment.

  • obtain outbound truck surveys.