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We provide quality assurance and quality control support for various clients via staff augmentation.

Our QA/QC Analysts:

  • guide and direct personnel on the setup and performance of tests.

  • act as liaisons with outside suppliers in establishing or modifying specifications for items.

  • devise and apply testing procedures for parts or sub-assemblies received from outside vendors.

  • participate in the development, maintenance, and refinement of internal quality control and reliability programs.

  • ensure that the company and customer’s requirements are met on assigned products, programs, areas, or functions.

  • recommend corrective action to quality problems.

  • provide technical support and advise other groups.

  • work in many different areas of quality assurance/control, including engineering, design, incoming material, process control, product evaluation, inventory control, product reliability, research and development, and administrative application.

  • ensure adherence to company policies, procedures, and related government regulations.

  • prepare quality assurance audit checklists, and participate in quality assurance audits of project program plans.

  • monitor project engineering, environmental, procurement, construction, testing, operations, decommissioning, and other activities related to the quality program plan.

  • review and monitor reported non-conforming conditions and associated corrective actions.

  • review and report on selected engineering and procurement documents to ensure the inclusion of applicable quality requirements.

  • review and report on project associated quality-related procedures and manuals for conformance to project QA program plan requirements.

  • review and report on new or revised regulatory requirements and their impact on the established QA program.