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We provide a broad range of Information Technology support for various clients via staff augmentation.

Our Information Technologists:

  • evaluate vendor proposals for purchases of hardware, software, and technical services to assure adherence to technical specifications.

  • analyze proposed and current projects for feasibility of using information systems.

  • prepare long and short-range plans for application and software selection, application and software road-map, software systems development, systems and infrastructure maintenance planning, and production activities.

  • plan and recommend changes to the capacity of the operating system and its configuration.

  • prepare cost estimates for current and proposed projects, reflecting the equipment and staff requirements.

  • provide input into development of annual operating plans.

  • provide technical assistance to management in the facilitation of planning and directing complex issues, installations, modifications, and operations.

  • communicate company and group vision, goals, and strategies to build awareness and commitment within the group.

  • shape the organizational direction and goals for IT project management.

  • ensure IT compliance with Audit and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

  • provide direction in developing and maintaining appropriate IT security levels.

  • provide IT support to end users.