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We provide medical services for various clients via staff augmentation.

Our Healthcare Staff:

  • provides supervision of first aid and medical programs in accordance with recognized medical standards and contractual requirements.

  • administers emergency and medical care for injuries and illness.

  • provides and monitors the medical and first aid treatment programs on projects and facilities.

  • performs nursing duties in accordance with medical directives approved by the consulting physician and local governing agencies.

  • provides education and training of medical personnel and administers medical and first aid treatment programs.

  • acts as medical clinician in charge when required.

  • maintains daily working relationships with local medical services, consulting physicians, and emergency transportation services to keep them informed of the project and facility medical program.

  • maintains contact with insurance claims personnel to monitor the status of worker compensation claims.

  • maintains contact with regulatory compliance officers when auditing medical record keeping requirements.

  • maintains contact with injured employees who require medical attention.